The Frozen Yogurt Coupon Gal


It all started when an "I Can't Believe It's Yogurt" store opened a couple of blocks from my apartment. I soon discovered they have the absolute best frozen yogurt, but it's kind of expensive. I mean, I can spend $2.75 for a cone, but morally I don't want to -- it's a lot to spend on a "non-essential" food.

My dilemma was solved when I noticed that coupons (with no expiration date) for 50% off a cone at I Can't Believe It's Yogurt appeared on the back of certain register receipts at my neighborhood supermarket. Now that's something I can go for! I then frequented the supermarket every chance I had -- not to buy things, but to search the area near the checkout counter for abandoned coupons. In a week, I had amassed about a hundred. I never imagined I would actually use all of them....

But, alas, I did. After three satisfying years, my coupon supply dwindled to a halt. What to do? What to do? Lo and behold -- in my mailbox appeared a "Valpak" -- a package of coupons for products at various stores in my neighborhood. 

Hmm. Let's see...I don't need my floors redone. Don't need a limo ride to Newark. Don't want any Pudgie's chicken. Oh, but wait -- what's this? A coupon for buy-one-get-one-free at I Can't Believe It's Yogurt? Now we're talkin'! But one coupon certainly won't do....

My building's recycle bin is located near the front door of my apartment, and I thought of swinging by to take a look. Imagine my excitement when I discovered four unopened Valpaks! Clearly onto something, I checked again a few hours later and found two more. Before I went to bed, yet another visit yielded several more.

Finally, I gave a last look the next day for any straggling packs. At this point, I had collected about ten coupons -- a comfortable amount to supply me until the expiration date, which was in eight weeks. For the past five years, the packs have been appearing in my mailbox every eight weeks, and I've perfected my coupon recovery system.

It's been a whopping eight years now, and during that time I've enjoyed many a frozen yogurt from that store. They don't seem to mind that I'm the "Coupon Gal" -- they're always very pleasant to me, and never a word is spoken about how the hell I get all the coupons. My favorite flavor is the peanut butter one, then "Apple Pie," and the key lime flavor receives honorable mention (a very refreshing choice in the summer).

There's a park across the street from the store. It's a summer pastime of mine to sit on a bench in the park and eat my frozen yogurt. I try to be inconspicuous, because lots of little kids are around, and they get jealous when they see me eating my scrumptious frozen yogurts. 

One time this kid saw me and wailed out, "Mommy, I want what that lady's having!" (It was funny to be called a "lady" by a little kid.) Then another time, a toddler who could barely walk came lunging toward me with both arms outstretched. "Sorry," I mentally said to him, "it's mine!"

So, for the time being, life goes on, and I'm kept supplied. I don't know what I'll do when my coupon supply gets cut, but I'm sure my creative mind will think of something!