A Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge (Pre-9/11)


One Saturday, it was a beautiful day and I didn't have any plans. I called my friend Robert, wondering what he was up to? He didn't have any plans either, so we decided to meet for brunch. After brunch, as we were strolling around, I was struck with an idea: "Have you ever been in the gorgeous lobby of the Woolworth Building?" He hadn't, so we walked over to this incredible building.

Taken from its brochure, here's a description of the Woolworth Building's lobby:

"The beauty of the building is not confined merely to its graceful height and exterior. A lofty three-story-high entrance arcade frames walls of golden, veined marble. Wide, marble staircases lead up to the richly decorated second floor balconies with their huge frescoes of 'Commerce' and 'Labor.' The vaulted ceiling is set with brilliantly colored patterns in glass mosaics that glow like a million jewels. Lace-like wrought iron cornices are covered with pure gold leaf..."


Here's a picture:




After our visit to what has to be the most spectacular lobby in America, we continued walking around. Soon we found ourselves near the entrance to the walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge. Robert asked, "Have you ever walked across the Brooklyn Bridge?"

Our walk across the Bridge was fantastic. If you're visiting NYC, I highly recommed it!

(Subway to the entrance of the walkway to the Bridge: 4, 5, 6 to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall; J, M, Z to Chambers St)


Begin the walk here


My first-time walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (camera in hand!) was in April '98.

I compiled this piece in May, 1998.