Amazing Views from the Chrysler Building's 69th Floor


My dentist's office is on the 69th floor of the Chrysler Building (he's an excellent homeopathic dentist, by the way). The first time I visited the office and saw the amazing views, I thought, "Wow! I have to bring my camera next time!" The second time I visited, it was, "Darn! Forgot my camera!" The third time, "Drats! It's raining and totally overcast, and there's no view at all." I almost forgot to bring my camera the fourth time, but at the last minute I remembered. I'm glad I did -- and hopefully you will be, too.

On the day these pictures were taken, I arrived at the office at 5:30 pm., and took a few before my appointment. Afterward, I took some more. The sun was starting to set, and I wandered into another dentist's office across the way to look at his views. He was very nice to have led me around his wing. I snapped more pics as the sun set and disappeared into the horizon. It was fabulous!


First Pic