"You're a very talented and expressive writer, with wit and charm aplenty! Your stories stimulate one's sense of humor, while also exploring the emotions and compassion in all of us. What an outlook on everyday life! Your temping escapades are especially truthful and hilarious... You have a wonderful gift."

"You're a good natural storyteller - observant, engaging, able to paint a scene and capture a sense of character, and make the reader feel and laugh in response to your writing."

"I have to say that I have more than enjoyed your stories. They have made me both laugh and cry, and many times I have just sat there after I've read one of your stories, admiring the skill with which you bring out your feelings and thoughts and how you manage to pull me into the story so that I must read it to the end."

"You have helped fill many hours with your creative, insightful, and down-right-fun web page. I applaud your candor... I would never feel comfortable displaying my life to millions, but I sure did enjoy invading yours for a while!"

"I was delighted to read your refreshing and eloquently simple essays about life in NYC. When I got to your 'Temping Escapade #3, I just about fell off my chair, laughing. Your writings, etc., are genuine treasures, and I intend to read everything on your site, and turn my friends onto it, too."

"Being single your boyfriend stories touched a nerve - and I'm a guy!!!"

"I LOVE your web-site! It is tasteful, interesting and I am going to be quite sad when I have reached the last corner of it. Happily, I have just found your whole 'Latest Additions' section, so I will be frequenting this site quite often. I heard a blurb about you on NY1, so I decided to check you out... Thank you for your entertainment and keep up the wonderful page!!"

"I really have to tell you that you have a terrific style of writing - poignant, humorous and real. I think there is book out there for you to write, and your website says 'real talent here'!!! Women can really relate.... I have really dated men like the ones you describe."

"I really enjoy your stories and always look forward to the latest installments. And I can relate to a lot of the things you write about... You've got a real gift for narrative, and you've often made me laugh out loud."

"I just finished reading all your stories. Hysterical!"

"After logging onto your web site, I immediately jumped to the section 'Temping Escapades,' only because I thought it read 'tempting' (not 'temping'). I was nevertheless not disappointed, but rewarded by a delightful collection of temp working vignettes... Anyway, you're lots of fun to read, as well as insightful with wit and charm. It is the discovery of rare web sites like yours that make slogging through reams of Internet diddly-crap worth all the trouble."

"Your tales are great and bring a smile to my face with each one I read."

"Love it! Love your stuff and your stories. I'm a webmaster and usually like to get home right after work to do the gym/play/dine/etc., but instead I've been sitting here for almost 2 hours after work just having a blast reading. Keep up the stories please!"

"I truly admire the way you can commit pretty much every aspect of your life to public consumption -- I felt like a voyeur more than once. But I richly enjoyed your assorted tales."

"WOW! This site is great - very inspiring! I hope to see new chapters. I really had fun wandering around here - you've created a real work of art!"

"I especially enjoyed your 'Boyfriend Sagas' section. The stories were at times hilarious, and at others, extremely touching."

"I really enjoy your writing, but to me, the photographs really capture a terrific sense of humor. What makes life in NYC unique are all the tiny little things that make up the much larger experience. Your ability to pick out that one image and find humor in it is a talent."

"I'm not usually given to writing webmasters, but your NYC Tales was just captivating. I surfed on in from Cool Site of the Day, and next thing I knew it was an hour later. Your stories are funny, touching, sad, etc... 'Too Good To Be True' was especially poignant."

"Just wanted to let you know I loved all your stories and tips on NYC. One of the best home pages I have visited. You definitely have excellent skills and talent as a writer, you should try to submit some of your material to publishers or TV media types - they are in need of good stuff - after all Seinfeld is saying 'Goodbye.'"

"Thank you so much for your site.  I grew up in NY (Brooklyn) but have been away for many years and going through your pieces made me pleasantly wistful for that particular beauty only NYC has.  I think I love your 'photo essays' best -- something about the sensitive way they are paced, and how each feels like a series of surprises and strange turns -- that's New York all over."

[Netsurfer Digest, September 14,1997]: "Laura's life is certainly worth a Web site, even if it's just to post her hot tips on washing cashmere sweaters (we're still saving) and whitening bathroom grout. She's no Heloise, though. Her boyfriend disasters reflect an attractively flippant approach to relationships, from the pastrami burger that ended one (she's a vegetarian) to the one with a guy who had no fridge or oven (he sounded sweet nevertheless). With her advice on good thrift stores, fun stuff in NYC, and meeting men through the classifieds, Laura appeals to the lovelorn and bargain-hunting fanatics alike."

"I caught the clip about your website on NY1 news, and I pop into your site when I want a good snicker, or an occasional 'hell yeah.' It also gives me hope that a female my age still has an unjaded grip on reality, and can get a kick out of life's goofy twists!"

"Why are you temping instead of ruling the world? I would vote for you."

"Thanks for an evenings worth of entertainment. It's been 10 years since I was dating, and I had forgotten all the funny/sad things that happen. Thanks for allowing me to relive my youth."

"I showed your Temping Escapades to a friend of mine who has been temping for about 2 years. She wanted me to let you know that you have made her feel better, because she thought she was the only one with some horror stories. 'It's nice to know you are not alone' were her exact words."