Readers are saying such great things about me! Thank you to all...

(These comments were received in March and April, 2004)


"I have been reading your stories since 1999 and I have always loved your voice: sweet, polite but with an undercurrent of sarcasm. You are a talented writer who has been honing her skill over the years and it shows!!"

"Hey, just so you know the tales are now "required reading" for a few of my friends during their work breaks. The consensus is that there's a lot of hidden talent and potential behind them and hopefully you'll consider exposing them to a wider audience. Can't wait for your newest story."

"You are so very talented. Your writings will I'm sure, someday be a #1 bestseller. I stayed at your site the first time for three hours."

"I have just finished reading your entire site - that's right, every story that you have posted. I am absolutely hooked by your writing. In fact, I almost wish that you hadn't put any pics of yourself on the site, so I could say that I'm in love with you through your prose."

"I've had so much fun looking at your pics and reading your tales. It's like a private tour of NYC with your eclectic spin on things. You are definitely an original!"

"Your column is an excellent piece of work, consistently so, and is worthy of the highest praise as well as the maximum of financial rewards. It seems like it is now only a matter of time until things take off for you and deservedly so."

"I really gotta say your writing style is excellent, each story is better then the last."

"Anyhoo, just read the Chris Rock update - really glad to hear how it's working out for you, keep it up m'dear - a growing band of British fans demands that you do!"

"Your stories are cute regardless of their content simply because they are written by a lovely New York You know I've been reading your stories since Y2K (ish) and have found them interesting, not only because I have a passion for New York and life in the city but because I feel I can easily relate to your stories and feel they are from a true and honest source."

"Just wanted to say thanks for the update; it brightened my day, like many of your stories have done."

"I really admire the way you put your stories (and yourself) out there for all to see. And you do it with a really honest, unaffected style that is very appealing. The word I keep coming back to is 'loveable'. Each of your stories goes out like a pinball - who knows what will come of it? - but you are willing to take the chance to find out."

"I think you have a very charming and amusing style - which is uniquely your own."

"Awesome stories as usual! You really have a talent, have you considered going further with it? Your charm and wit really hits something, dunno what you would call it, haha! but it is a sure seller. Go gettem' tiger (or tigress for that matter)."

"I think your writing is fantastic - it's inspiring, funny, emotional, and so real."

"Your stories are great - I enjoy them so much. It's would be great to see you take your talent to 'the next level' (whatever that may entail). Good luck!!"

"I love your website! It is so inspirational, funny, and entertaining."

"Your writing is fresh, fun and exciting!"

"You do indeed have a lovely writing style & I look forward to watching your career develop."

"It's great to see someone writing something honest and funny from their own experiences. Keep it up, you're doing great :-)"

"Your writing is hilarious,witty, silly, honest, and fun."

"Great stories. Love reading them. The whole Chris Rock thing brought me to your site, but there's tons of other stuff that has kept me there."

"In the same manner as many people, I found your site through reading something about the Chris' Cell Phone Saga. The writing that I devoured from the link was enough to draw me in, wanting more than my fair share. I felt as though I had just found a secret Chinese Buffet hiding above a furniture shop. This trip through the varied cuisine had quite a different effect though. I didn't waddle away from the table wishing I'd had more restraint. Instead I was ready for more. Is there another treat waiting in the next container? Where is the dessert? What should I try next?"

"I became obsessed with your site after the first article reading over a two day span everything you wrote. How you managed to make 'temping' exciting is just one of the many writing talents I found reading your articles. From what I've read, I imagine book deals must be pouring in. I wish the best for you and hope that it won't be long before your first book comes out."


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