Day Trip to Watch Hill: A Gorgeous, Remote Beach Getaway a Trainride Away


There's no denying that NYC is a crazy busy place to live.

Although I love what NYC has to offer, if I didn't get out from time to time I wouldn't stay sane. Usually I visit the country (the Woodstock area) on weekends, and that's great, but summertime is beach time, and if I didn't make it to the beach at least a few times, summer wouldn't feel complete. This summer I discovered this amazing beach: Watch Hill. It's part of Fire Island, a 32-mile long, stringbean-shaped island off the coast of Long Island. Watch Hill is a gorgeous beach to visit. It's a nature preserve, meaning you can visit, but no one lives there.

To get to Watch Hill, you take the LIRR from either Penn Station (approx. 1 1/2 hours) or Jamaica (1:10) to Patchogue. From Patchogue you walk a brief 10-minute walk to the ferry station, and then the ferry takes you to Watch Hill.

It's so beautiful and remote, you won't believe it's so close to Manhattan. Perfect for a day trip -- from 10 million people to about 12 -- see for yourself!


These first two pictures are views from the ferry station in Patchogue: